I can’t remember everything..

Sorry it has been such a long time since I last posted.

I went to my daddys house for nine days. My daddy lives in Wales near Pontypool, It is really really far away, it takes five hours in the car. I get to watch movies on the tablet for example Pan and Hotel Transylvania 2 and Spirited away and Labyrinth. Spirited away was the one I liked most, because it is really good, her parents get turned into pigs and there is two witches and lots of spirits and she has to work in a bath house to save her parents.

My daddy lives with my step mum Amy and my half sister Alice. They have two floors in their house and I have my own room. It is a ordinary house with a garden. In the garden I have a wendy house with two floors and a trampoline. There is a big field behind their garden, in Autumn when the blackberries grow we go and pick them as there is a big hedge at the back of the field.

Mostly I played on the ps4, I played Minecraft and Disney Infinity, in Disney Infinity I played mostly as Darth Vader. I also went to the park with Amy and Alice. I went to stay with my Aunty Kelly and Nanny and Grampy came for dinner. I watched episode 1,2,3 and 6 of Star Wars, they are really good, my favourite one is either 3 or 6. Three is good because you find out how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and six is good because it is just good.

Yesterday I went to Taiko drumming again, it was fun but not as fun because we didn’t do the Harry Potter Mysterious Ticking Sound song. We watched some videos of other people drumming and we did sideways drumming. I would like to go again.

I am looking forward to drama tomorrow and sleeping over at Myas on Friday. On Friday I am going to run the board game Labyrinth at Kaleidoscope as it is board game day. Labyrinth is my favourite board game, I got it for my birthday, you have to move pieces around and find objects. It will be really fun 🙂

I am going to watch Marrying Mum and Dad now but I will make sure I post sooner next time. Bye Bye



Mystery Solving Day

Saturday – Mummy and daddy went to London and me and my brothers and my sister and granny Knickers and grandad Andrew all went to bird world. We saw a bird that when we said “hello” it said “hello” back it was really cool. And we saw a kookaburra and penguins that smelt of fish. There was two playgrounds and flamingos and a petting zoo with turkeys and chickens and toy tractors and rabbits and guinea pigs. I like guinea pigs we have lots and lots at our house. There was also a huge reindeer, I don’t think it actually was huge, it was just a reindeer.

Sunday – On Sunday we watched Star wars 4 and 5. I liked number 5 best because they go the city in the clouds and Darth Vader cuts off Lukes hand. We walked the dog in the field up the hill. After dinner we came home.

Monday – We went to science and we did finger prints, we are trying to solve a crime. In the evening I went to Brownies we knocked over a bottle with bean bags and sung the princess peg song it was fun.

Tuesday – We went to Steiner group with Marisa, we made more bread and we made floating candles. We melted wax and poured it into ice cube trays. We also had to whisk some purple wax to make it cool down and when we moulded it in our hands it made my fingers pink. When we got home I played reading eggs in the office.

Here we are on Wednesday we went to Judo this morning and we learnt how to hold people on the floor. It was hard and fun. Avril was my partner, we are equally matched. Her and her brother Riley came to play after. We tried to solve a mystery of who stole the missing grave stones. Last time I went to the tree island in the field I saw someone move and there was blood on the floor. There used to be little stumps, when we rubbed away the mud they said the names of who died and when. When we went today with Avril and Riley the stumps had gone. We think someone stole them. Me and Horace found a riddle on a bone and we tried to jumble up the letters we thought it might be the name of the person who stole the stumps but it wasn’t it said ‘ants have’. We looked for other clues, we checked the woods and the labyrinth but we didn’t find anything so we gave up. We will carry on looking for clues another day and I will let you know what we find.

Bye Bye


Granny Knickers Weekend

Hi back again, on Wednesday I went to judo and Norwich castle. At Norwich castle we played games, Mya and Gracie and Pagan were there we played together. There is an Egyptian bit and an Anglo Saxon bit. In the Anglo Saxon bit there is a fake horse and chariot, that Boudica rides, she is an Anglo Saxon queen. On Friday we came to Granny Knickers, we are here for the whole weekend. Our Uncles are here too Uncle Ali and Uncle Marcus. It is outside Guildford, it took a very long time to get here. Today it is Saturday I have had breakfast. Mummy and Daddy are going to London at 10 o clock, I don’t know what we are doing today but I hope Uncle Marcus comes with us where ever we are going. I really like Uncle Marcus, he is a teenager, we play super smash bros the computer game, it is awesome. He likes ‘Star Wars’ and I like it too, maybe we will watch some together this weekend.

Busy busy busy..

What a long week I’ll begin on Monday 11th..

Monday – I went to science, we did the skeleton. We made a skeleton hand using straws, cardboard, string and selotape. It worked, the fingers bent like a real hand. I also went to Brownies, it was young leader night. We played hockey, it was fun.

Tuesday – We went somewhere we had never been before to do Steiner stuff with a lady called Marisa. First we made bread, then we had a walk into the woods. After that we made knitting needles, by sawing wood and sanding it a lot. I haven’t finished them, they need more sanding and I need to stick the beads on. Then we went back to the kitchen and ate our bread. At the end Marisa told a story in a little shack. We caught the train from Woodbridge back to Beccles, daddy picked us up and we went to singing. We sung a new song. On the way back our car broke and Chris had to pick us up and take us home. Our car was fine, the RAC came and fixed it. Chris bought us pizza to eat while we waited for daddy and the car to get home.

Wednesday –  I went to Judo, we did throwing, I threw Gracie on the mat and I threw Avril and she threw me. We went back home with my friends Mya and Gracie, Mya slept over at our house. Horace was away at his friends house so me and Mya had the caravan to ourselves. We watched ‘Into the Woods’ and played games with cuddly toys.

Thursday – We went to art and I drew mystical animals including a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow, like the song, a pegasus and a dragon. I also did painting, I painted a jar of flowers and a worm hole, where long green worms live. Afterwards we went to Pagans house, and I slept over. We played on the computer and watched the beginning of ‘Thumbelina’.

Friday – We had home ed group, kaleidoscope. It is in the straw bale building, near where we live and we did junk modelling. I made a space rocket and a launch bay with Pagan and then I made a glittery pizza.

Saturday – Horaces friend Joe came over, it was boring and I was sick in the night all over my bed. So I slept in the yurt with mummy.

Sunday – I bought a packet of hob nobs with my own money, I shared them with my family.

Monaday again – Boring wood delivery day but I did go to brownies, we did Taiko drumming. I liked it a lot but it was very loud.

Today is Tuesday I have been to Foxburrow farm, we learnt about beavers. Did you know that a beavers home is called a lodge?

I will try and write again sooner next time, as this was a really long post. Bye for now.


Day 2

Hi I’m back.

Today I went to the park with my grandma and my brothers and sister. My mums friend Naomi, who she has known since she was five, is coming for lunch with her new baby boy. I have never met her before.

After writing this I am going to watch Hetty Feather on the computer. It makes me really happy because it is really good. It is about a little girl in Victorian times, she has lots of adventures. I wasn’t happy about going to the park this morning because I was watching it before we left. My friend told me about Hetty Feather, and I got into it because she gave me the book for my birthday. Me and mum took her to see the play in Norwich, it was really good. I liked the singing and the acrobatics.

I am excited because it is my first science lesson of the year tomorrow, we are doing the skeleton. Some of friends will be there, I think it is going to be really good. Last year we did organs like the heart, our teacher bought real hearts for us to cut open, it was really gross and it made me feel sick. The term before we did space, we learnt about all the planets. Also tomorrow I have brownies. It is young leader night that means the teenager leaders choose the activities, it is normally a fun session because we play lots of games.

Bye Bye, I will write a again in a few days.


Brownies Writer Badge Day 1

Hi I’m Autumn welcome to my blog. I’m writing this for my brownies writer badge. I have to keep a diary for four weeks and I’m doing it here!

So here goes…. Today I went on the train to Woodbridge to see my grandma, I went with my mum and my little brother and sister. We played Dobble, it is a card game apart from that it was really boring. When we got to Woodbridge we went into town and grandma met us. It was my other brothers birthday yesterday, today he was taking his friends go karting with our dad. I am feeling tired because my brother woke me up really really early this morning, I think he was excited about his party. Me and my brother sleep in a caravan just the two of us because we don’t live in a real house. The rest of them sleep in a yurt, our yurt and our caravan are in the grounds of an eco centre. There are two woods and I like to play in them. My dinner is ready so I will write more in the morning. Bye Bye.