I can’t remember everything..

Sorry it has been such a long time since I last posted.

I went to my daddys house for nine days. My daddy lives in Wales near Pontypool, It is really really far away, it takes five hours in the car. I get to watch movies on the tablet for example Pan and Hotel Transylvania 2 and Spirited away and Labyrinth. Spirited away was the one I liked most, because it is really good, her parents get turned into pigs and there is two witches and lots of spirits and she has to work in a bath house to save her parents.

My daddy lives with my step mum Amy and my half sister Alice. They have two floors in their house and I have my own room. It is a ordinary house with a garden. In the garden I have a wendy house with two floors and a trampoline. There is a big field behind their garden, in Autumn when the blackberries grow we go and pick them as there is a big hedge at the back of the field.

Mostly I played on the ps4, I played Minecraft and Disney Infinity, in Disney Infinity I played mostly as Darth Vader. I also went to the park with Amy and Alice. I went to stay with my Aunty Kelly and Nanny and Grampy came for dinner. I watched episode 1,2,3 and 6 of Star Wars, they are really good, my favourite one is either 3 or 6. Three is good because you find out how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and six is good because it is just good.

Yesterday I went to Taiko drumming again, it was fun but not as fun because we didn’t do the Harry Potter Mysterious Ticking Sound song. We watched some videos of other people drumming and we did sideways drumming. I would like to go again.

I am looking forward to drama tomorrow and sleeping over at Myas on Friday. On Friday I am going to run the board game Labyrinth at Kaleidoscope as it is board game day. Labyrinth is my favourite board game, I got it for my birthday, you have to move pieces around and find objects. It will be really fun 🙂

I am going to watch Marrying Mum and Dad now but I will make sure I post sooner next time. Bye Bye