Granny Knickers Weekend

Hi back again, on Wednesday I went to judo and Norwich castle. At Norwich castle we played games, Mya and Gracie and Pagan were there we played together. There is an Egyptian bit and an Anglo Saxon bit. In the Anglo Saxon bit there is a fake horse and chariot, that Boudica rides, she is an Anglo Saxon queen. On Friday we came to Granny Knickers, we are here for the whole weekend. Our Uncles are here too Uncle Ali and Uncle Marcus. It is outside Guildford, it took a very long time to get here. Today it is Saturday I have had breakfast. Mummy and Daddy are going to London at 10 o clock, I don’t know what we are doing today but I hope Uncle Marcus comes with us where ever we are going. I really like Uncle Marcus, he is a teenager, we play super smash bros the computer game, it is awesome. He likes ‘Star Wars’ and I like it too, maybe we will watch some together this weekend.


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