Day 2

Hi I’m back.

Today I went to the park with my grandma and my brothers and sister. My mums friend Naomi, who she has known since she was five, is coming for lunch with her new baby boy. I have never met her before.

After writing this I am going to watch Hetty Feather on the computer. It makes me really happy because it is really good. It is about a little girl in Victorian times, she has lots of adventures. I wasn’t happy about going to the park this morning because I was watching it before we left. My friend told me about Hetty Feather, and I got into it because she gave me the book for my birthday. Me and mum took her to see the play in Norwich, it was really good. I liked the singing and the acrobatics.

I am excited because it is my first science lesson of the year tomorrow, we are doing the skeleton. Some of friends will be there, I think it is going to be really good. Last year we did organs like the heart, our teacher bought real hearts for us to cut open, it was really gross and it made me feel sick. The term before we did space, we learnt about all the planets. Also tomorrow I have brownies. It is young leader night that means the teenager leaders choose the activities, it is normally a fun session because we play lots of games.

Bye Bye, I will write a again in a few days.



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