Brownies Writer Badge Day 1

Hi I’m Autumn welcome to my blog. I’m writing this for my brownies writer badge. I have to keep a diary for four weeks and I’m doing it here!

So here goes…. Today I went on the train to Woodbridge to see my grandma, I went with my mum and my little brother and sister. We played Dobble, it is a card game apart from that it was really boring. When we got to Woodbridge we went into town and grandma met us. It was my other brothers birthday yesterday, today he was taking his friends go karting with our dad. I am feeling tired because my brother woke me up really really early this morning, I think he was excited about his party. Me and my brother sleep in a caravan just the two of us because we don’t live in a real house. The rest of them sleep in a yurt, our yurt and our caravan are in the grounds of an eco centre. There are two woods and I like to play in them. My dinner is ready so I will write more in the morning. Bye Bye.


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