Mystery Solving Day

Saturday – Mummy and daddy went to London and me and my brothers and my sister and granny Knickers and grandad Andrew all went to bird world. We saw a bird that when we said “hello” it said “hello” back it was really cool. And we saw a kookaburra and penguins that smelt of fish. There was two playgrounds and flamingos and a petting zoo with turkeys and chickens and toy tractors and rabbits and guinea pigs. I like guinea pigs we have lots and lots at our house. There was also a huge reindeer, I don’t think it actually was huge, it was just a reindeer.

Sunday – On Sunday we watched Star wars 4 and 5. I liked number 5 best because they go the city in the clouds and Darth Vader cuts off Lukes hand. We walked the dog in the field up the hill. After dinner we came home.

Monday – We went to science and we did finger prints, we are trying to solve a crime. In the evening I went to Brownies we knocked over a bottle with bean bags and sung the princess peg song it was fun.

Tuesday – We went to Steiner group with Marisa, we made more bread and we made floating candles. We melted wax and poured it into ice cube trays. We also had to whisk some purple wax to make it cool down and when we moulded it in our hands it made my fingers pink. When we got home I played reading eggs in the office.

Here we are on Wednesday we went to Judo this morning and we learnt how to hold people on the floor. It was hard and fun. Avril was my partner, we are equally matched. Her and her brother Riley came to play after. We tried to solve a mystery of who stole the missing grave stones. Last time I went to the tree island in the field I saw someone move and there was blood on the floor. There used to be little stumps, when we rubbed away the mud they said the names of who died and when. When we went today with Avril and Riley the stumps had gone. We think someone stole them. Me and Horace found a riddle on a bone and we tried to jumble up the letters we thought it might be the name of the person who stole the stumps but it wasn’t it said ‘ants have’. We looked for other clues, we checked the woods and the labyrinth but we didn’t find anything so we gave up. We will carry on looking for clues another day and I will let you know what we find.

Bye Bye



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