Busy busy busy..

What a long week I’ll begin on Monday 11th..

Monday – I went to science, we did the skeleton. We made a skeleton hand using straws, cardboard, string and selotape. It worked, the fingers bent like a real hand. I also went to Brownies, it was young leader night. We played hockey, it was fun.

Tuesday – We went somewhere we had never been before to do Steiner stuff with a lady called Marisa. First we made bread, then we had a walk into the woods. After that we made knitting needles, by sawing wood and sanding it a lot. I haven’t finished them, they need more sanding and I need to stick the beads on. Then we went back to the kitchen and ate our bread. At the end Marisa told a story in a little shack. We caught the train from Woodbridge back to Beccles, daddy picked us up and we went to singing. We sung a new song. On the way back our car broke and Chris had to pick us up and take us home. Our car was fine, the RAC came and fixed it. Chris bought us pizza to eat while we waited for daddy and the car to get home.

Wednesday –  I went to Judo, we did throwing, I threw Gracie on the mat and I threw Avril and she threw me. We went back home with my friends Mya and Gracie, Mya slept over at our house. Horace was away at his friends house so me and Mya had the caravan to ourselves. We watched ‘Into the Woods’ and played games with cuddly toys.

Thursday – We went to art and I drew mystical animals including a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow, like the song, a pegasus and a dragon. I also did painting, I painted a jar of flowers and a worm hole, where long green worms live. Afterwards we went to Pagans house, and I slept over. We played on the computer and watched the beginning of ‘Thumbelina’.

Friday – We had home ed group, kaleidoscope. It is in the straw bale building, near where we live and we did junk modelling. I made a space rocket and a launch bay with Pagan and then I made a glittery pizza.

Saturday – Horaces friend Joe came over, it was boring and I was sick in the night all over my bed. So I slept in the yurt with mummy.

Sunday – I bought a packet of hob nobs with my own money, I shared them with my family.

Monaday again – Boring wood delivery day but I did go to brownies, we did Taiko drumming. I liked it a lot but it was very loud.

Today is Tuesday I have been to Foxburrow farm, we learnt about beavers. Did you know that a beavers home is called a lodge?

I will try and write again sooner next time, as this was a really long post. Bye for now.



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